How Effective Are Mobile Apps for Small Business

Nowadays many small business owners are aware that to keep up will their local competitors they need to embrace mobile technology. Just having a mobile-friendly website is unlikely to make your new business venture stand out from the local competition.

More Than a Branding Exercise

Today mobile apps are much more than a branding exercise, they are vital for the success of your business. More and more entrepreneurs are embracing the great power the internet has over the success of their new start-up. They are aware of the many benefits mobile apps have and the marketing authority they can give a business.

A well-designed, easy to use and well-crafted mobile app offers many benefits. This Includes providing simple access to information and the ability to process payments online. To remain competitive in today’s business environment a mobile app is a must have.

No Need to Spend a Fortune

Not every small business can afford the expense of hiring a developer for their app when first establishing themselves. Due to recent developments in software platforms, everyone can create fully-functioning apps without the need to utilize complicated coding languages. This means that every small business can have a mobile app developed without the need to spend a fortune.

Not Just for Business Owners!

The many benefits of having a mobile app go far beyond commercial business use and general marketing. Other purposes for apps include help desks/customer support, booking systems, coupons, loyalty programs, newsletters, digital magazines, streaming videos and much more.

Increase Customer Engagement

In today’s world businesses cannot survive purely on phone calls from customers and SMS technology. The more a business interacts with consumers the higher the possibility that they will engage people and win new customers.
Apps can increase engagement with users, develop loyalty, make the customer ordering process more efficient and increase order volume. It is standard practice for businesses to provide useful information to consumers. Playing it safe will not get you ahead of your competition. You need to identify a way to make your app seem different and more engaging.

The following are a few ideas that may help you:

  • Mobile payment system
  • Mobile Help desk/customer support
  • Mobile loyalty reward program
  • Mobile scheduling and reminders
  • Mobile communication and collaboration

The Future

The revenue generated from mobile apps is amazing and small business owners need to embrace this fact. Business related mobile app downloads are increasing and forecast to continue into the future.

Businesses targeting consumers are aware that apps are now a requirement. Apps streamline the customer journey from viewing a site searching for goods or services and all the way on to processing payment.

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