How to Promote Mobile Apps on Facebook

The process of creating a new mobile application can be very complicated. The reward once it has been released to the public is the great feeling of seeing the number of downloads steadily increase.

Due to very little or no promotion there are some great apps that never gain any traction in the marketplace. When the public is not aware of an app regardless of how great it is, they are not going to download it.

A great platform to begin promoting your new mobile app on is Facebook. There are both paid and free methods for promoting your app on Facebook and in this article we cover the free methods.

The following covers how to promote mobile apps on Facebook:

Set Up a Facebook Page for Your Mobile App

When you set up the Facebook page include as much detail as possible regarding the benefits and features of your app. Use a high quality, appealing header image and include high-quality screenshots throughout the page.

You need to post new content on your page on a regular and consistent basis. The content can be videos and images as well as written content. There are software programs available that you can load up with content and then schedule the posts to your Facebook page.

This will save you the time of manually logging in and posting the content yourself. Don’t forget to log in a couple of time per day to reply to any comments and encourage engagement with your visitors.

Join Related Facebook Groups

Joining Facebook groups related to and relevant to the audience you are targeting for your mobile app is a great way to begin promoting your new app on this platform. Develop relationships with the members of these groups and post high-quality content to keep them engaged.

Vary the type of content you publish and remember not to always post about your app. Ask what type of apps they use on a daily and weekly basis, what are their favorite apps and what they like and dislike about your app.

The more you engage with your audience and ask questions the more you will understand what they are looking for and what appeals to them. Then you can utilize this information to enhance your app and develop more successful promotion campaigns.

Set Up Your Own Facebook Group

The next step is to set up your own Facebook group and invite your target audience to join. How you can engage with your group members and create relationships with them. If they like you they will be more interested in what you have to offer.
Interacting and listening to the members posting in your group will provide you with more ideas to enhance your current app as well as ideas for developing future apps. Methods to encourage engagement and interaction within your group include holding contests and offering exclusive discounts for in-app purchases.

Be Consistent and Persistent

It will take time to gain traction with your promotion efforts. Persistence with daily promotion work will reap you rewards over the long term. Remember to analyze the users installing your app and then target your app to this audience. While this promotional work will involve quite a bit of time it does not require a great deal of money.

Be consistent with both your group and your page and always reply to any feedback you receive, whether it is good or not so good. Doing so with help to create a positive reputation for both you and your apps because users want to feel that the developers are interested in what they have to say.

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